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WTF Lyrics

FBG Duck – WTF Lyrics


I had a dream I was rich as hell
But I was broke as fuck when I woke up
Dont try to tell me what the fuck niggas said
Cause really I dont give no fuck
Matter fact go tell them niggas its not bout the money then please stop bringing me up
Niggas need to worry bout why they pockets on e
And please stop mentioning Duck

What the fuck, what the fuck
What the fuck, what the fuck
I bought a chopper for all of my problems
So we got a problem please let me know
Niggas want beef with me not over money
These niggas try beef with me over a hoe

[Verse 1]
Ain't got time to beef with a nigga especially if its not about the paper
Naw Im lying bitch, Im a bully and I hang around a whole lot of takers
I got head from this bitch and kicked her out
You tried to save her
You talk down on me behind my fuckin back you a hater
Who the hell, why the hell they talking down on SL
Like we wasn't givin shells
Bitch I only make this cause people said I wasn't gettin money
Got a Audi I dont need a drive
You people too damn fun


[Verse 2]
Play with us get your stupid ass shot up
Like is you serious, boy really over her
Do you think that bitch gon care if we fuck you up
Choppa brrrr-oww- fuck you up
We will put you underground you stupid fuck
Headshot will calm you down you think you tough
I remember those days I was broke as fuck
Now Ben Franklin in my ear like run it up

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