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Intro (Look At Me) Lyrics

FBG Duck – Intro (Look At Me) Lyrics

Turn up, turn up
Turn up, turn up
Turn up
Look, I'm 'bout to kill this shit real quick
And get the fuck out that jih-nam
Let's get it!

I heard niggas talkin' when I'm not around
But when I come around, I don't hear a sound
But that just show you that niggas clown (Pussy)
Slash fake and they can move that fake shit around
I done lived a couple ages on a crazy block (Saint Lawrence)
Every day, runnin' from the cops, our shit baking hot
Nigga take some from me, I'm hoping he can take a shot
But taking some from me gon' be hard like Jamaican locks
Uh, pockets on guap, it got me acting cocky
Bitches taking pictures of me like they paparazzi
Well, since you jocking, bitch, give me sloppy toppy
I'm a giant to these niggas, Jeremy Shockey
And we can shoot or we can knuckle up
But, really niggas know they can't fuck with Duck
That's why they go behind me back, saying such and such
But they get two middle fingers up, I don't give a double fuck
You not getting money, who you lying to?
And when you see me, you see the guys, too
And wait
Let me remind you
If these niggas fly then I flew
Bitch, I'ma boss like Rozay
Well, at least that's what my hoes say
But bitch I'm a boss like Duck, you dumb?
Stupid ass bitch, I got my own wave
They tryna stop me from getting to the top
I got shots for who tryna set that road block
They better stop before they be in a closed box
Every bullet a hollow tip and those hot
Niggas dissing me from other states now
They ass must don't know I don't play 'round
I'm the top that'll come in they town
And Beanie Sigel niggas like: "You getting down or laid down, pussy!"

Ha ha
Turn up, turn up
I killed this shit
Ha ha
This shit easy
FBG shit
Free Dutchie
Free Brick
Ha ha
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