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Two Minutes To Midnight Lyrics

Energy Whores – Two Minutes To Midnight Lyrics

Two minutes to midnight and the sky finally fell
Just minutes to when we all are blown to hell
Madmen at the helm with their fingers on the nuclear codes,
Just a matter of seconds till the warhead explodes

Cyber attacks came through the cracks
No alternate facts could stop all the hacks
And their hypocrisy murdered our democracy
As the shirtless horseman rides on the smell of genocide

The wise woman sighed with her eyes up to the sky, she said
God has nothing to do with this; it’s us who are to blame
We’re the reason it’s come to this, our suffering and pain
To pray for a solution is totally insane

Go get your stuff my love and we’ll run, maybe north
There will be a place that we could be safe
It’s a hundred and twenty in the shade, in the shade
Did they really think their charade wouldn’t fade?

The sirens sound but there is no one left to hear them
They’re hiding underground waiting for the outcome
Above all the birds are singing in the trees
Smell the summer breeze before there are no more
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