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Fade Lyrics

Energy Whores – Fade Lyrics

She stands, a shadow behind the door
A voice imprinted, a distant song
She was only made of ice
And surprises in the wintertime

Out over the mountains, the moon is full
But the trees sing for the sun
They hum and buzz and chase the wind.
Leaves blow away, away, as dawn begins.

Passed the circus tent tonight.
You were juggling those knives again.
Your jagged hatred from the past
Can cut your flesh, free you at last.

Out over the forest the moon is full
But the wolves sing for the sun
They howl and growl and arch their backs.
Running fast, run fast, run close to the pack.

The dead clown hangs upside down.
His painted smile becomes a frown
And in the end all he had were dreams
That took him. They just took him.

Upon the TV the puppets blurt
Out all their bullshit in tiny spurts
And now America has met its doom.
Brainless with a crack whore in a motel room, motel room

Out over the city the moon is full
But the children sing for the sun.
They spin around, singing in the halls,
A cherished song, a song no one recalls.
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