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2055 Lyrics

Energy Whores – 2055 Lyrics

The winds are changing. The time is now.
There is no stopping all these thunderclouds.
They cast a shadow on foolish times
An epic failure of our own design
From all the science that was denied
And the moneymen who lied and lied
Lied and lied.

Dust blows around us as we struggle to survive.
Our cities trophies to our own compromise, compromise.

The ice has melted. The show begins.
Of talking heads saying what might have been?
Some had the answers, but we were blind,
To see this problem destroys all of mankind.
Across all boarders for rich and poor,
But we continued being energy whores,
Energy whores.

Big waves are coming now to bury us alive.
All our technology can’t help us to survive, to survive.

There is no starship to fly us away.
There is no hero waiting in the shuttle bay.
No fresh blue marble, untouched in the stars.
No way that we can live our lives on Mars.
No way to get to, a new home in the sky.
No happy ending. It’s time to die.
Time to die.

The movies’over now, the villains got their way.
We could have fixed it, now we just pray and pray, pray and pray
Pray and pray and fade away.
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