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Crazy Baby Lyrics

Energy Whores – Crazy Baby Lyrics

I can’t sleep so I tweet because it calms me down
Let it all out so I don’t scream into the night

The world will be mine and mine alone
I’m king of the universe so watch your tone with me baby
Watch that tone with me baby

Watch it baby
You better watch that tone
You better watch it

Like a cancer flowing through your veins
I’ll twist reality inside your brain
Snap off trust and throw it in the fire
Twist the truth until you’re the liar

Paid lots of money to buy your souls
Covered all my palaces and jets with gold
Promote my agenda with hacks and trolls
Hide my funds in tax loopholes
Doesn’t it make you crazy?
Doesn’t it drive you crazy baby?

You can’t sleep so you grab that little bottle of pills
We me in charge you never know if it’s a real drill.

Carnage and chaos everywhere I’m just fine so I don’t care
If your not loyal I’ll be your worst nightmare

Who gives a shit what comes out my mouth
Power and money’s what it’s all about
I’m the boss and if there’s some doubt
I’ll give‘em all guns and let ‘em shoot it out
Bang bang shoot like crazy
Bang bang shoot like crazy baby

I’m above the law and always right
I’ll fire anyone who puts up a fight
Better watch your step because I know
Comrades who will make you go
Where they’ll never find you
Where they’ll never find you baby

Bang bang shoot like crazy for me
Bang bang shoot like crazy for me

I say a chicken in every pot
A gun for every tot, yea!
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