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XYZ Lyrics

Energy Whores – XYZ Lyrics

Clean, Clear water flows
One pebble moves
To fit between the rocks and fish
Way down below
Nobody knows
The pace, the speed
The debt a stream will flow

Deep inside the cities
Sharks are searching for
Circling now
Their next meal
We ebb and flow
World populations move to and fro
To fit between, to live among
The hate and war

Only with love
We can fly above, above
In a blur of light
Out above the night

When buildings turn to rust
When we all are just dust
The earth, the earth
Will still remain
In a fiery churn
Soon it will be our turn
To return to the dark matter
Of the universe
Why should we care?
We have no control
We are free
It’s a joy to know,
To know, it all means nothing
Absolutely nothing
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