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Second Chances Lyrics

Eligh – Second Chances Lyrics

You get a second chance to live
A second chance to die
A second chance to try to fall in love
A second chance to change a choice you made
A second chance to serenade
Livin' in a body shell you desecrated
Second chances don't come along often
I recommend you take the time to think how things could've went
Under different circumstances and accomplish some perspective
On the choices that brought you to be in this moment
Could've been that fork in the road
Might've been that omen
The woman who had your fortune told
Maybe you should've believed her
Slowin' down, they got you going now
Fast times '98, wait 'til we hit that triple-O
Speed it up to double the pace
Fast forward, second chances pass you quicker
That last glass of liquor, you should've left it
Remember what happened last time? How you regretted it?
Since without a time machine, we're stuck in present livin'
Make the right choice, think it out before you give in
Second chances rarely appear
In eyes of fear
Be brave enough to endure
Be pure and wisely clear
You never know when danger can surprise you from the rear
Hire your best instincive eyes
Be wise and persevere

A second chance to live
A second chance to die
A second chance to try to fall in love
A second chance to change the choice you made
A second chance to live life to the fullest
Wisest of choices, listen to the voices

Takin' heed to the signs
Never too big headed to be reminded
If I'm being blinded
By the many complicated kinds of choices lined in
Sticky situations, keep clear of domination
Make amends and resolution
Gas pollution, takes the heads of many students
Learning how to be prudent
Precise with decisiveness
Take control of the mic that amplifies your instinct
Listen to the voices inside
Your voices are your guide
They live inside your heart and communicate through feeling
Listen in, nothing too hurt is too far from being healed
Take initiative to deal with it
Life this is the real thing, the real thing (echoed)
Why make annoyances
Toying with your emotions
You know there's no potion to live for yesterday
It's over, be open to scope life a day at a time
This day you're concentrating on
There's nothing wrong with future planning
But don't forget where shit happens, it's here and now
Happen is rappin the day of calculating
The next step evaluating
All the steps you took to get where you stand
When you got the upper hand
And no one can take that, not even you
Not even people who get a rise outta knockin' fools down
Stiffen your upper lip
Be conscious of the choices that you pick
Avoid robbin' and old man
Lonely and regretful
Be careful, tedious
Helpful to the neediest individual
Unless their draining
I have no entertaining for the evil

Chorus (1x)
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