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A Poet Sits... (feat. Abstract Rude And Robert Miranda On Guitar) Lyrics

Eligh – A Poet Sits... (feat. Abstract Rude And Robert Miranda On Guitar) Lyrics

A poet sits on a bench and he writes his poem

(captain of the poets)


Watch me grab my patterns of thought

In permanent ink on slabs of bark

A train riding through the middle of your mind

Planted down in my spinal tappin your body

Mappin with vinyl life

(turntables) illuminate

(the finer things) spinnin underground casin

Things will never just be the same old thing

Forever revolutionizing the scene, a poet

You know it, when I flow it get your action on appeal

(like a top quarterback)

Attend your line with a hard ass mind and a hype that's rhyme

Feel me, writing the book of my life

With a bypass surgical heart implant

Where the art is kept

Swept, get, past the front door

Where the mass minister, sinister

Never that priest, east to west we blast and meet ya

With hands to me to expand the legacy

That will hype and chill where the gates at

It's amazing to elevate, allocate, final truncate

With the feature to play back


My fate chose to follow me this far

A shadow came with every step as life revealed the dark

A guardian, a hell's angel, tested my fate

And they be, unsure of every move that I would make

And I ignore, sometimes listen

On every mission we explore, the outs and ins

Just like sailors on the shore

A poet riding the wave of metaphors

Stop to dock by the bay and write an editorial

Life wasn't easy, tribe unique we are soul survivors

I done seen things, eyes of a deep sea diver

Mister mystery missin a word to describe, I'm

Sittin patiently waitin for earth to enlighten my

My destiny inspired every quote

It met me at this crossroad just tryin to let me know

It's more to grow

Mean what I said in chan eleven flow

And always check for signals, internet has the info

(captain of the poets)


Maybe the legacy i-n check

Will be the impression I leave on the people who listen to music I make

Take it or leave it believe it or not

Got my man on the side to prove this point

Forges strong in the family tree

Roots are stronger than enemy's hate

So relate to me if you can't

Pledge your thoughts in a garden with freedom of speech

To each his own, metrinome

Childrens grow to know the world

Even home with the young mind

Looking for answers in the truth

My music will guide you through time

Used to be that kid on the bench in the park writin to figure out life

Now I'm a man on the mic who's doin his mark, thinking of kids and a wife

It's important to me to know my days on earth mean something more

Than a couple songs I made that played in basement stereos galore

Aerial views of crews I knew and memory bank that hourglass

Thinking of lessons learned as tables turned another hour pass

Legacy's left while pen strokes enlightenment from a future class

So many young and talented broke livin L. A. Life with a bus pass

Travelling to the open mic spots anywhere they can bust at

(captain of the poets)


It's hard to keep the peace without dealing with the war

It's hard to feel you've got it all when you can get more

But just think back, way back when when you had none

And wanted some, and we were hungry as they come

Just dumb and young, and young and dumb and we had fun

In lemmard park, and harvard park and leffard park

Specific start, was 84 I was only nine

Been writin rhymes and in these times eligh

I see why people quit, they don't see the benefits

Only in it to get rich, hit it big or forfeit

And off course is the politics

Collegeship went on the back burner

Didn't get a scholarship even though I was a fast learner

Searchin for the undisputed truth

Experience, I've had more data for the proof

And here he is just have again, back in the loot

Buried in the books but he's weary of their roots

(captain of the poets, so listen)
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