Now I hold her hand

In the back of my mind

Dancing in the Fields

Of gold Tress as she undresses

Son maters sunshine

To remind the soul

How blessed one man could be

If he could only find her highness

I get to knight this

Open meeting

Keep running into false hope

The wrong one

My hope is floating in the sewer

Can't keep me denied

Of the one I hold as precious as a

Place a necklace on the mantle

In the mansion of my heart

To gain a further understanding

Of the man I have to be

To capture woman Extraordinary

To the ordinary

Larry, dick, Joe, and Barry weary

And what life is his planetary book

Easy can we locate with ease

The power to read the mind

Of female minds of thought

Unless I drop all insecurity's

To figure out impurity's

And purely I'm a hopeless romantic

In the way I know who she is

Sometimes I think I see her face

But just in case

I keep the searching up to par

Just the year from hitting bars

To park my ass amol these stools

Continue acting a fool

They say put your energy out there

And your bound to find the matching

Energy, but I'm pushing my portfolio

And getting no responses

No call back

My walls are rauqwist statistics

Sorry facts of cycles

Early fuckin messin up the rest

Of a certain something

Ending up with regret

Feeling depressed unless

The public with information

Who's in for waiting not I

See I've been denied

I got my eyes on this one young woman

Who's beautiful like a scape

I hope to snatch her out

This hellish day

To eloquently satisfy

Her misconception's of this man

Who's skinny frame will only large

Enclose the margin

Bargin brands are further

Down the food chain

See I higher than you think

Come take a drink

Get off your high horse

Your prized posesion

Lays within inexterior's

Inferior brands

It seems the inferior man

Always gets what he believe's

In a way it's a sin to be picky

Of precise with the nice of nice

I'm on the fight squad

The captain of getting what I want

Have it your way

I want what I can get

One that I feel the most

So I toast the man and woman

Who know they belong together

Cause for all I know

I could be searching this earth forever

[chorus: repeat 2X]

I toast the man and woman

Who they know belong together

Cause for all I know I could be searching

This earth forever

[Verse 2:]

Similes stay simple

Me you say to me

You speak that poetry

Really can't interpretate

What you equate Emotionally

Attached to all the physical

Attacks of love and

Human naturality

But its a formality

And woman I don't need you

Explaining to me

Conversations with myself

I can brake down

How you feel for me

Imaginary looks

Writing my books

On how it should be for me

On this earth we miss our looks

Keep missing certain looks

It seems that Destiny's are crooks

They only want the richer fold it

Can't add up to the space

That's accumulated

By live it all these months and days

And waste

Diamond lace your highness

Waste my stylist with your profile

Just once.....
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Intrusive Lady Lyrics

Eligh – Intrusive Lady Lyrics