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Sega Trappin' Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Sega Trappin' Lyrics

Niggas be some copies
Why these niggas lovin' thotties?
Niggas wanna watch me, niggas wanna fuckin' plot on me

[Verse 1]
Young Duwap at the trap for the allowance
Got a bad bitch, I took her home and now I'm drownin'
Shorty got a fat ass, yeah that booty bouncin'
Yes I thank god for the bands that I'm countin'
Higher than a plane, I take flight on the mountains
Wake up in the morning just to see my accountant
Niggas sneak dissin' on the goat, I won't allow it
Run up in his crib, take everything 'cause I'm childish

Rollin' up blunts, back to back
You know I keep this Mac (Keep this Mac)
I blow it to yo' back (Yo' back)
It's gon' crack yo' neck (Crack yo' neck)
Ayy, wait a minute (Wait a minute)
Let me put some weed up in it (Some weed up in it)
Ayy, ayy, don't get offended (Don't get offended)
Ayy, you want some beef I'll send it, yuh

[Verse 2]
Bitch my chopper, [?]
Doing-doing-doing, hits in a red Ferrari
I'm off the lean, and I'm off the molly
Dr-Drivin' crazy in a Mazerati
Bad-Bad bitch wit' designer shoes and a big booty and a nice body
Maga-Magazine clips, got the blunt dipped, and I got the pistol wit' the shotty
Fly-Flyin' high like a seagull, my niggas tote desert eagles
You pull up it's over, my chopper gon' act evil
Pop a nigga like a pimple, aye, shoot it straight at his temple
My-My bullets gon' sizzle, man Iswear this shit too simple
My diamonds frosty like a igloo
My clips shootin' on triple
My-My wrist so icy, it look like a crystal
I bought a dime, but I smoked a nickel
My pistol blowin', it sound like a whistle
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