Sucking and blowing
Winter wind and snowing
The ghastly film, the frozen buds
I grasped a straw and stoned a grove
My pipe was truly burning

It’s easy, it’s easy, it’s easy to forecast
It’s easy, it’s easy, it’s easy to visualize
But when you have to live it

Waiting and wailing
Cracked up and failing
The stubborn tiles
Crack a laugh
The copper rock
The purple mill
Blind the tame and deafen unwary

You wouldn’t think a sergeant could boast at the adrenaline
You wouldn’t live to see the day where license is for breathing
I’ll race you to the angels

Riding on a paperback
To goodtime music
For jungle birds who carry slimes
And slip between the yellow stones
Of starlight rhythm

Love was just a bitter nail littering the sea floor
You knew you’d hit the paper cracks
You’ve seen me on the metro
In a waking dream x 4
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On The West Cork Hack Lyrics

Dr. Strangely Strange – On The West Cork Hack Lyrics