Dark haired lady, I would love thee
I would fain put thee above me
I would gather shells for
Weaving magic spells to
Bind thee to me
Blindly woo thee

Dark eyed lady
Prey abide me
I would only
Stay beside thee
I would show you reasons
For the change in seasons
Make the sun shine
If you’d be mine

La—la—lalalalala—la—lala—lala—la—la X2

Dark eyed lady
Art so cold
I could win thee
Were I bold
I shall take my pledge and
Leave beyond the ledge and
Care for someone
So much fairer

Fair haired lady
I shall love thee

Lean out of the window, golden hair
I heard you singing a myriad
I’ve left my book, I have left my room
For I heard you singing through the room
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Dark Haired Lady Lyrics

Dr. Strangely Strange – Dark Haired Lady Lyrics