Intro part:
Seem as neat so clean and bright
Trying to put me on, she don't' fool me, then she might
When she's heard my song...

Actual verses:

Custom building alibis,
Yesterday's a big suprise,
Slowly you may realize.
There's no sense in being wise.

Trocksy trundling' down the road
Everybody's got a big load
All across the frozen waste
Everybody hides their face.

Well, take a good look at cousin Kate
Standing by the garden gating,
Wondering where the trucks all go,
And I suppose she once did know


Well there's just one thing left to say
Before I go off on my way
There's no meaning to my song
And if you found one you'd be wrong... Haha.

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Kilmanoyadd Stomp Lyrics

Dr. Strangely Strange – Kilmanoyadd Stomp Lyrics