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Somebody Loves You Lyrics

Dice Raw – Somebody Loves You Lyrics

[Hook: Raheem DeVaughn]
Somebody loves you girl, this I swear is true girl
Somebody loves you girl, this I swear is true girl
Somebody loves you girl, this I swear is true girl
Somebody loves you girl, this I swear is true girl

[Verse 1: Dice Raw]
The feelin' love, explained by many different cultures
But true love, it only has a few approaches
It's not a race to see who comes the closest to the finish line
Cause while the finish line approaches
What we have is coming closer to a closure
Punch drunk lovers, they wakin' up the next day sober
But while we still high there's some things I wanna show you
And fly to, your ex-boyfriends, just say goodbye to
For now, for I know not how long love lasts
Let's take our time, no reason to move so fast
Let's go slow, something I want you to know
When I'm with you it seems reality is better in my dreams
And you fulfill all my needs
My wants, desires, my greeds, my pleads
Hey girl, let's just stand here and freeze
I've never felt so stuck, but so free


[Verse 2: Raheem DeVaughn]
You should be the cover of the Essence magazine
Yeah, beauty of the week, flyest girl I've ever seen
Have a crown upon your head, baby girl you a queen
Rose petals at your feet, baby girl you a queen
Independent as ever, tougher than leather
Always down to ride if I should call whenever
Schooled by your momma and your granny too
Such a fuckin' lady, that's why I fucks with you
I'm payin' homage to all the girls
And all the strong ladies 'round the world
You're my runaway, everyday superstar
Like them single ? mommas that be workin' hard
Don't you give up, just keep your faith
All that you do, remember somebody loves you


[Verse 3: Dice Raw]
If you ever feel like who you with just doesn't feel right
Or you feel like you just wanna be held real tight
You feel lost in the dark and you empty inside
Then I'll come find you and then I'll help you turn on the lights
We fell out of love, then fell back in love with you twice
I say twice cause for me girl there's only two types of love
The love a boy can have for his mother
And the love a boy can have for a sexy motherfucker
Such as yourself, hey girl I wanna see you with wealth
But I know the most important thing in life is health
Material shit, they really can't move that hype
When I'm with her I don't need no Maseratti
I wake up to her every day and rock that body
That ass so fat, her waist, her lips, her hips
Hey baby, you smart as a whip
I just want to tell you something so you never forget
And it's

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