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Lava Lyrics

Dice Raw – Lava Lyrics

The whole goddamn world's on fire, and it's burinin' like a stack of logs
Beware if your pockets resemble a catalog
That's fat, down here niggas got cattle prods
What's that? Fuck it man, it's all gone to the dogs
In fact, it's like a fuckin' sauna, it gets so hot
Sometimes you just wanna, you know, ka-ka-Klock
Ka-ka-Klock klock for no reason
That's why you breathin', fuck do y'all niggas believe in?
It's lava, clips, revolvers, there's eruptions
Everytime niggas be like "Whassup then?"
And you can feel the tension vibratin' off a brick
Babies hangin' like cell phones [?]
Fuck the feds, when you see the cia on your strip
You mia out this bitch, you can't play with these pigs
Niggas are trippin' and I'm flippin', straight stick the clip in
Back me up against the wall, Raw starts spittin'

[Chorus 2x]
Yo, it's so much drama, who do we shoot at first?
As time goes on, the fire burns, it gets worse
It's a million degrees, and the street's about to burst
Because the ghetto's the hottest show on Earth

[Verse 2:]
Shit be gettin' wilder and crazier by the millisecond
Walk around protected, or walk around naked
'Cause nothing's sacred, not even Granny's tennis bracelet
She gave you on her deathbed, niggas'll still take it
Man, I was raised on a constitution written by thugs
Niggas that G, kill, lie like prayer rugs
It's deranged, pocket full of shells like loose change
It's fucked up when your bull start actin' strange
I seen people give up lifelong dreams for gravy
Get snitched on by their team, or set up by their lady
Who gives a fuck? Not even us, 'cause God [?] all I trust
But, my f
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