For the last hundred days I did a hundred shows,
The next prayed to do another more,
I'Ђ™m buying a hundred broads, break a hundred laws,
I'Ђ™mma keep it one hundred,
One hundred, for ya all!
I'Ђ™mma keep it one hundred,
One hundred, for ya all!
I'Ђ™mma keep it one hundred,
One hundred, for ya all!

I'Ђ™m gonna keep it one hundred
While you are keeping it ninety nine,
When it comes to Romeo, dudes are far behind,
When it comes to glam
I'Ђ™m absolutely positively, definitely shinning,
These niggers say they bought it, but they defiantly lying,
Indefinitely cowards, 'Ђ¦and make em pass the showers.
Get your pussy... Bucks an hour,
The suitors keep it one hundred, keep...
... Muffins, I think they got it!
You are money addicts and you are idiotic,
Please don'Ђ™t meet the... Take me to the tropics,
A bunch of Louis luggage, I'Ђ™m a Louis addict, 'Ђ¦
... A hundred Louis fabrics.
If we'Ђ™re doing it in... We keep it one hundred,
... I'Ђ™m a Louis'Ђ¦
You are all in the hood style, we are still at it'Ђ¦,
Stand up nigger, never'Ђ¦
Stand up... Night or morning,
Super one hundred all night, all morning!
... Should have warned you,
Let the one travel!

I wanna keep the real gangsta, Kane in my pocket,
Some dumb ticket, another try to knock it'Ђ¦
I was born on one 'Ђ¦
What you got to understand,... Young niggers feel!
I feel like I'Ђ™ve been running for one hundred fucking days,
Another hundred hours make a nigger feel crazy!
The cheater... In an office'Ђ¦
I'Ђ™m looking'Ђ¦ another mother fucking still looking for the'Ђ¦
And niggers... Try to keep it one hundred.

Keep it one hundred cause I do it for ya all,
Champ, I pour more... I'Ђ™m on!
I'Ђ™m sick, you never catch me,
Understand 'Ђ¦ that'Ђ™s for pissed nigger I want it, I make the call!
Impossible to... I see 'Ђ
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100 Rmx Lyrics

Dice Raw – 100 Rmx Lyrics