Well, it was one hot day in mid-July,
I had a little fight with that gal of mine
She went to the store for some cigarettes,
Well, it's been three days and she ain't back yet


Well, she left me cold, she left me cold,
I'm lookin' just like Jack Frost, or so I'm told
Well, it's a hundred degrees outside,
But she left me cold

Well, that little gal of mine, she made me hot all the time,
She kept me warm in the wintertime
But now I sit and shiver while the big tears flow,
Until the icicles hang right off my nose

Repeat Chorus

Well, the weatherman says that it's hot outside,
But I wouldn't really know
I'm wearin' two sweaters and woolen socks,
But I'm chilly from my head down to my toes

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus

Well, well, well, it's hundred degrees outside, but she left me cold
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She Left Me Cold Lyrics

Derailers – She Left Me Cold Lyrics

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