As I walk through our living-room-turned-battlefield,
I seek a pardon for my part in this ol' war
And I feel shame for the flame we ignited, then ignored,
I don't think I can fight you one lick more

Who cheated first, who cheated worse, what does it matter now?
It's gone too far too place the blame anywhere
And it seems our dreams disappear on through the years
And disappointment's the only thing we share


Let's sing our swan song
For the love that once was strong
This ain't living, dear, it's only hangin' on
Let's toast to the good ol' days, kiss and turn away
Admit that we were wrong and sing our swan song

I punched a hole in the wall beside our bed,
Misguided passion that was aiming for your head
We could patch that hole and make amends again and again,
But this time we both know it has to end

Repeat Chorus
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Swan Song Lyrics

Derailers – Swan Song Lyrics