I've been spending time alone
While I should have been with you
Why am I here on my own,
When I have a love that's true?
Even though we're far apart,
I know that you love me too
Don't you know I haven't smiled
Since the last time I saw you


Well I'd walk a thousand miles just to see you again
I'd give everything that I have,
Plus the stars and the moons
Just to spend the night with you

I can hear the people say, "He's not happy anymore."
I've been tryin' to get to you, but I can't get out the door
If I can't hold you in my arms then what am I living for?
I can't even smell your sweet perfume on my pillow anymore

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus (2x)
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Just To Spend The Night With You Lyrics

Derailers – Just To Spend The Night With You Lyrics

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