There she go (there she go) there she go
Everytime I see you girl I got to let you know
You're so beautiful don't let em tell you otherwise
Boo you a winner stop fucking with them other guys

I love ya style
Ya whole demeanor
So natural and beautiful every time I see ya
Don't get it twisted that's still being modest
Dat chanel coco shine be having her looking like a goddess
Cuz she the hottest what she ain't gettin yet
Is I got that gamesta loving that' ll have us both dripping sweat
But I wont go dere this is not a hoe here
Classy lady self esteem is evident and so clear
I see pain up in her eyes she think that love is no fair
If someone could get hurt then why should even both care
She no longer want Them parts in dealings of the heart
She rather think away the feelings make decisions with, her smarts
So with that beauty it's a heart so cold
And she so cool and down to earth you just wont know
That deep inside
She a woman scorned
And from her heart
She still pullin thorns

Best believe that she stacked harassment she don't need that
I just wanna chit chat so I can give you some good feed back
What got you Walking round down wit dat big ole frown
Don't you know it I'll brighten up my day just to see you smile
Yeah dats it make my heart do back flips
I know you thinkin every nigga just wanna gets you on the mattress
And I don't blame you my intentions is just to know you better
But if ever came to pass that's what' ll make it so much better
Long pause (long pause) I'm just playin
With a sarcastic look that look like I said I'm just sayin (just sayin)
Anyway let's get right back to you
Just thought I'd lighten up the mood by pullin out a laugh or two...
She shook her head and blushed faking like she scared n stuff
Girl stop acting like you shy I seen you around the way enuff
And I like ya style classy but be going wild
So don't you ever let me see you walking past me with a frown
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There She Go Lyrics

Denard Dapoet – There She Go Lyrics