Maybe I was wrong when I said its Best to be apaaart (be apaaart)
And maybe I was wrong when I didn't take care of ya heart (take care of ya heartttt)
Maybe I was wrong when I blamed everything on youuuuuu
And maybe I was wrong (for not fighting for our love the way I should)- trying to play it sooo coooool (play it sooo cooool)

Maybe you was right when you said I didn't do enuff (doooo enuff)
To show my commitment dedication to working on ussssss (working on usss)
And maybe you was right when you said I wasn't ready for loooove
Or when you (said Id never find another like u) cuz you was sent from the heavens above...(heavens above)

Do you think that its wrong if every argument you think you right (think you riiight)
Do you think that it's right to try to prove you wrong in every fight (every fiiight)
It shoulda been more important that love wins in the endddd
Cuz when the battle of the sexes turns us to exes nobody winnns (not even loveeee)

Maybe I was right when I said that its best to leeeave (best to leeeeave)
Me the fuck alone arguing on the phone constantly (constantllly)
Cuz of all the things said and all the shit we been thruuuuu
(maybe I was right
For acting out of spite) cuz I already knewwww
(already kneeeew)

Maybe you was wrong when you said that I never cared (never cared)
And maybe you was wrong for assuming men are never scared (never scared)
To get their heart broken by someone tthat they looove
(so maybe it was wrong for you to think you gave your all)
To regain my trustttt (regain my trust)

(love love)
Not even loveeeee
(love love)
Not even looveeeee
(love love)
Not even looveeeee
Not even loveeeee
(love love love)

Maybe I was right maybe I was wrong
Maybe I was weak maybe I was strong
Maybe I ain't know what the fuck was going on
And you ain't the only one that love has acting out the norm

Cuz your love was so uniqueee
Your love was sooo damn beautifulll
Ohhh ohhh ohhhh
Why did it turn uggglllyyyy

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Maybe... Lyrics

Denard Dapoet – Maybe... Lyrics