Chorus (Roze)
See I was going through some things and I ran into this chic that I didn't
She had a ring on her finger but walking away was too damn difficult
I had persuaded her and now things are escalating and starting to get
I just used one man treasure as another mans pleasure and it's messed becuz
I know better
And now I feel miserable

Verse 1 (D. Dapoet)
If she have no conscience with all of this nonsense then please why should I
Is what I tried to tell myself so I could sleep at night as I justify
Fallin to the temptation of embracing her s*** body heart racing
Passionate kisses wit another man misses wore it out now I'm up pacing
Like damn... What if he was just listening outside that hotel door
But I know he not cuz he don't have a clue that his wife is a whore
But she look so innocent pretty and sweet as she peacefully sleeping
I'm wondering how a few drinks on the weekend turn to a point where we
Sneaking and creeping. Hope feelings don't deepen

Chorus (Roze)

Verse 2 (
The first time we met I really had no intentioms
Of me and her having s** putting her in all kinda of postions
Cuz I saw the ring so many carrots you couldn't ignore the thing
But I coukdnt ignore that look in her eye that said life was good but she
Was bored it seems
She just needed a friend to come talk wit a buddy that like to come spark
I got convo... Bomb dro... "so why not have her number locked in?"
Is what I convinced myself when she said to me. Put my number in ya phone
After bout an hour of talking bout various things except her man at home
Which was so weird
So I ask her hows the married life she said can't imagine not being a wife
Had a wonderful husband that work so hard how he love her so and treats
Her nice
So that made me feel more comfortable like dats wassup I fuck wit you
And before you knew it we was close as shit... The first one I get to drink
A cup or 2
Then one night called me made a nigga panic
Crying on the phone I could barely understand
All I got was meet me at this hotel in the lobby so I hopped up in the car
And then I got there in a frantic
Went straight to the room first thing she say is I found out my husband
Been cheating
And I got the proof then her trench went loose like now I'm about to get

Chorus (Roze)
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Miserable Lyrics

Denard Dapoet – Miserable Lyrics