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Spottieottie Lyrics

Deem Spencer – Spottieottie Lyrics


[Verse 1]

The cycle that we live in isn't deadly
Lead lies and the led leaves
Lye smoke to the eyes and we're Jet Li
Feeling like "The One" if you let me
Broke boy with a pillow
Cracked dreams and a nightmare. Cope
Dope boy in the night sky
Visine to the scope. What?
Dollar to my name, linger in the buff
Bigger in the rays, bring her in a daze
Cigarette and liquor in her system
And I'm figuring the cigarillo laced
And I'm fingering her with her own finger
And she's yelling "Oh Shit!"
And now she's singing and I'm giving her the face
Thinking bout delivering the shit that I been thinking
Ever since I figured she been getting slimmer in the waist
She's widdit

Life is a bitch
Gives good head and she dance
She smoke, drink, and she thick
She approached me to be her man
She's so deep in these hands
You shoulda never let these up
I just wanna be friends
You shoulda never let me fuck

[Verse 2]

Part of me hope...pardon me. Part of me don't
The water we constantly turn into wine is a hoax
Combine it with soap. Wash all your sin away
Bend away, been away. Win and they won't
Where do we go?
All of the time I'm revising a note to my love
If she's giving a fuck but the heart is a joke
If you're heartless and hardly smoke
So go "Nigga we made it!" We here!
Considering the pain, the risk and despair
I'm a nigga with the same wish in this
Spit a riddle to the famous in his ear
Words out the other one, summer come, one of those years
When a mother's son run a gun: number one fear
When a gunner come, run up on another going "Yeah nigga!"
Nigga go "Bumbaclot". Brother don't care. Go bang!


Life is a bitch, give you head
Might send her right to the bed
Liken to bison to red
Life is a license to live
Fight for your right til the death

Damn, damn, damn James

[Verse 3]

Life is a centerfold. Send her home naked
Might never get her though
Letter 4 day shit
Settle for a Betty Bo. Better fold basic
Face it. Pretend that you can send an ovation
Clap for my bitch, nigga. Never gon' taste it
Face in the clit and I shed her whole base
And I wait til I wet her hole
Metaphor wasted
Waist deep
Let a ho forget her probation
Sit her on the stove finna get her warmed up
Centerpiece, snake in the mirror. Hold up
Venom in the bulb with the lights on
I'mma go down
When the lights on, I'mma fold up
Baby girl boutta learn I ain't no bitch
And her pussy ain't shit to a nigga
Nose uprose
Wind to the line
Grape wine to the liver
Come hither with a rose, please never go lush
Said life is a slut
Lichen adjusting to busting her button
Since I give a fuck
Writing as lightening, light in the level
Enlightening, heightening life in the hut
I'm Mike in the 70's
Heavenly father, the farther you send me I tend to erupt
In three seconds these tendencies tend to be rusting
Your basic amenity
Tell em "We fucked."
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