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Mother Earth Lyrics

Deem Spencer – Mother Earth Lyrics

Mother Earth gon die in the morning
Mother Earth gon die in the morning
When she hollered out crying we ain't do none
Now we all gon cry at the funeral
Rocking the earth tone, Zion don't need us
Dying amongst us, I am a leader
Not having work on Friday ain't freedom
Shia Labeouf on time digging seed up
Right in the dirt outside in the yard and
I'mma be perked up trying to fall in
Until all of the mourning is over
But tomorrow is gonna be colder
If the Sun don't rise in the morning

The message isn't for hope, this is gon hurt
If it don't, then it don't work
The definition of broke is "it don't work"
I was never that. Always cooking the soup up
I left the kitchen sink soapy to go open the door for the whole circle
Hopefully cups don't runneth over before work
Maybe we figure out how we heard the alert and work
(Work, work, work, work, work)

Mother Earth gon lie on a court stand
Mother Earth call fire department
Cause the roof's on fire to start with
But we all wanna fly on a carpet
And we all so scared of the basement
But your girl don't care to replace me
But I only came here for replacement
And I'm always here in the basement
With the uncombed hair and a bracelet

(Chorus: Slyy Cooper, Spenser Williams, Mel & Deem Spencer)
Why so scared of the basement?
Why so scared of the basement?

If you'd please stop speaking for me
My appreciation would light fire for miles
Deep until the paper free
The free make believe we keeping patient
We ain't weak, capisce
Chief the medication, wait
Not keeping the peace by separation
We not free nigga, I need my reparation
Crack or keep cheatin' the cheese
I check a ration
And please stop treating the trees like decorations

(Outro: Slyy Cooper)
Why so scared if you know you stuck inside your only truth?
Why so scared if you know you stuck inside your only truth?
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