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Soap Lyrics

Deem Spencer – Soap Lyrics

(Verse 1)
If I cared about some money, I would be in college wasting it
Hate itself is sin and I hate sinning
The ancient ape man need his face tinted
A rare amount of love need some faith in it
I'm too into it to just skim through it
I will offend you if you been through it
The love ain't true cause you and Cupid attend
But what's awkward is that I would jump off a bridge
If my friends do it, and put an end to it and Hewitt
Jennifer Love in an enziguri, furious anger with
Those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers
Their mothers can struggle suckin these in through it
Can't hurt the weak with a threat
The extra virgin seeks extroversion
Nervously he molest a nerve in her cheek
She like the second person this week with the wet
Expectancy of the second coming
And locking your beckon up in a knot of your twenties and tens
And betting your weapon step in a lot
Cause you trust in the messages of the second city
And ditties attesting Method, Biggie and Pac
The quality SmackDown, you're wrestling with the Rock
The pestilence less a mess and the pests is in a box
Full of goodies I never touched
You did it to me, I never rushed it at all

(Verse 2)
Ya'll niggas told me I'm a king, then you told me I'm a slave
Then you told me I'mma win and you told me I'm afraid
Then you told me I'm a phony, I'm a lame
I'm the man, I'm the opp, I'm the homie
Nigga, wholly I'm amazed
I'm the hearty harper, the pied piper of the party start
Shorty, I could turn the water to a flame
I'm a martyr marker, the art of ark
I'm a water walker, I could leave the unholy on a wave
Piece of the pie and a piece of shit
And the peace of mind in the pie
And the pizza's the deeper dish
And I pray you pray for me my brother, at least a wish
But you couldn't, you wouldn't ever
You better, you never know
We will not win
You will not pass
Unless you put the holy water in a shot glass
Sip. In the Loch Ness, niggas don't a lot last
Let a lock loose and the boost in the rock rash
We are not friends. I do not love you
We are locked in. I will not dive in when the shop struggle
I will not play save-a-hoe
For the greatest soap does nothing for a popped bubble
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