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No Secret Lyrics

Deante' Hitchcock – No Secret Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Back in the city, back in the city
I know I was gone for a moment
I had to go get it, I had to go get it
These niggas ain't cashing diplomas
That's no disrespect to my niggas back on home on them papers
Get it all, congratulations, you earned it
Moment of silence for y'all, you deserve it
Now back to this here
I been working like 24/7 on something uncertain
On something unclear
I get better with time, girl, I feel like I'm Julius Erving
Little over a year ago I made decisions on who the fuck I wanna see in the mirror
So pulled a Houdini on 'em, disappeared
Know once I'm back then I'm back at yo neck like a muhfuckin' herringbone

Baby, that ain't no secret
Baby, that ain't no secret
Baby, that ain't no secret
Baby, that ain't no secret
Baby, that ain't no, that ain't no
Baby, that ain't no secret

[Verse 2]
Feeling like I gotta do something
I been going up for like two summers
Mr. Every time that you see me out, girl, I done fucked around and got a new number
Y'all done fucked around and showed your true colors
Niggas turning green over blue hunnids
But that ain't no secret, said that ain't no secret
Y'all niggas been tripping
Man, I had the drive way before I was whipping that Maxima
G and Denard in the passenger
Talking 'bout once we take off on 'em there ain't no catching up
Flip the script like a spatula
Came from the back of the back to the front of the pack
Fuck yo feelings, I ain't tryna patch it up
That ain't no secret
Know this ain't what you expected
But me I been feeling spectacular
Riding down 285 with the ratchet tucked
Hard to imagine progression when y'all moving backwards
I know there's a lesson in backing up
I'm tryna see it the way that you see it
I need it the most when I think I don't need it at all
And I never need it at all, just look at the stars
Fuck what they saying, you know ima always be there when you call

Girl, that ain't no secret
Baby, that ain't no secret
Baby, that ain't no secret
Aye fuck what they saying
Said that ain't no secret

[Verse 3]
Y'all getting buzz off the strength of a name drop, my name hot
You on fire, it's ironic only thing that people think about is who taking over after the reign stop
I make waves, you a rain drop
Don't get it twisted, I put it all on the line for the city
Jennifer Lawrence, I would die for my district
And may the odds be forever in the favor of the real niggas
Still a lot, cause most of you niggas is bitches, now cosign that
I'm paranoid, I was peeking where the blinds at
My confidence was lacking, now I got my spine back
Ain't nothing change, I always had to have my own back
The city got me wired, nigga feeling like the phone tapped
Mama told me don't bring no hoe to where your home at
And fuck Twitter, man, I can prolly make my own app
Nothing but love for Mother Earth and Father Time
But you can tell Uncle Sam I ain't never paying them loans back
We needing all that
I see you niggas waiting, tryna bite the swag, I'm slightly flattered by imitation
Thinking out the box cause I never knew my own limitations
Mama was a nurse, maybe that's the reason I been this patient
You know my situation, baby, you know the deal
Just hold it down while I'm gone so I know it's real
Cause ima bring it home even though these niggas hating
I caught they ear, now they biting, I feel like Holyfield
Dropped outta college so it ain't no other way now
Jumped off a cliff and built a plane on the way down
Niggas tired of swinging, acting monkey over bars
But they don't let shit slide on the southside playground
Everybody hate it when they don't know what to do witcha
Them niggas try to box you in like a school picture
I cut that, cut class, cut hoes, cut checks
Baby, ima fuck around and need some new scissors
I'm riding 'round with a queen like the new Jigga
Real queen and she listenin' to 'Real Sisters'
Long as shawty play her cards right then ima deal with her
If she ever need to lean on me, then I'm Bill Withers
Real scripture and you know that honey
Everybody on my dick like can you hold that for me?
I need MJ paper, yeah, that throwback money
Cause a nigga big timing like the old Cash Money, gahdamn
I grew up a screw up, don't trust anybody that knew us
Because to have known us would mean that somehow there's a new us
And fuck it, they heard that line too much
These hoes wanna boot up, these hoes don't do nothing but boot up
Your niggas aspiring shooters
Yeah, that shit good but I'm doing better
Cause I want the best, fuck the stress and the music
My brother my future (hey)
My sister my future and trust me I know my influence
Trust me, I know my influence
Trust me, I know what I'm doing (hey)
I just been showing and proving (hey)
I just been going and moving (hey)
I just been learning from failures
So I always win even when I was losing
I'm gone
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