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Chemistry Lyrics

Deante' Hitchcock – Chemistry Lyrics

[Deante' Hitchcock]

Listen, wars birth kings, trials birth cowards
Loyalty non-existent on this planet of ours
Hungry for power: money fame women and bitches
Envious niggas encountered on the roadtrip to riches
The time is now my nigga this is just the beginning
The shit I fathom is light-years beyond your comprehension
My thoughts are wicked: weed wealth weather and women
Lost in the world, I pray Brianna guarding my spirit
Got no Bugatti I'm Leonidas to Aphrodite
Waist deep stuck in that water, bitch I think I'm Poseidon
Fuck Your Achilles's heel, I'm still footing thr bill
Tell Denzel I want my Oscar, this the return of the titans
Gripping my two nuts, nigga I give two fucks
White sheet over the ghost nigga I'm Ku Klux
Oh KKK when the AK spray it's just another body
In that two door Audi like I'm riding out in southern Cali
Look to the scriptures to try to paint me the perfect picture
Picture the heavens: Martin Malcolm Big and Aaliyah
Picture me rolling in '96 Pac, they couldn't see ya
Picture me paranoid nigga you just another nigga
Caught in the system of, wrath rights wrongs and redemptions
Talking to God on my sins friends foes and forgiveness
My hail mary, from the bottom a king is risen
Living for the angel who passed away and whom I was given
God, can you hear me when I scream to you
Can you feel it when I vicariously dream through you
Brianna, can you hear me when I sing to you
Fuck cancer, listen, I need answers
My endless frustration fueled by the hatred
Of the millions of lost faces in this fucked up generation
They say that revelation's upon us but we ain't worried
Too many parents are living to see their children get buried
I'm scared, nobody cares about the youth it ain't fair
The fuck happened to us all, they snatched the truth out the air
I'm so confused, young and riled up with something to prove
I'm screaming fuck society I ain't got nothing to lose
They can't hold me
Nigga they can't me
Nigga they can't me
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