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4 You And Yours Lyrics

Deante' Hitchcock – 4 You And Yours Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Calling the plays from the huddle
Feeling like Vick in '06, all my dogs need a muzzle
We crafted the way from a puddle
But you'll never drown when they hate you as much as they love you
Surfing the channel, no basic cable
Looking at life from a different angle
All my brothers gon eat if we Cain and Abel
Only breadwinners sit at my kitchen table
I just beat the baker, nigga, why would you beat against us?
We was made from a different maker
Peep the consolation
My team full of stars, and we ain't interested in switching players
I just hit the layup, what you looking so nervous for?
Still got BETTER and BEST on the drawing board
Came in the game, all I wanted was all of mine
They ain't listen, so now we need all of yours
I studied up on the Art of War
I started praying way harder for something to open my mind
I got nothing but time on my hands, boy, I'm palming the Audemar
I knew way back when the Carter IV dropped that this shit was ahead of its time
So I had to change my perspective on mine
Cause yo life could change at the drop of a dime
And I been transforming, lil baby, I'm fine
I'm just taking these steps tryna prep for my prime
Still optimistic
But if it don't come to fruition, I'm Megatron rocking the 9
The 8 and the 1, man, I'm tripping
That drink in my system, I'm still off the shits, man, I'm trying
Could re-raise the bar like ya cellular coverage
So we gotta charge for additional lines
It's only the Fab Five, nigga
Me, Few, G, B and Ru keeping Atlanta live, nigga
Lot of folks had thought Atlanta died, nigga
Came back to restore Atlanta pride, nigga
Fuck the industry like I'm a side nigga
404's where I reside
And we gon be kicking this shit 'cross the world
From me and my brothers to you in the skies
4 you and yours

[Hook] x4
Da, da, da, da
Da, da, da, da
Da, da, da, da, da, da
4 you and yours

[Verse 2]
Is this what you expected?
Is this what you expected?
Is this shit what you planned?
Was this shit how you saw it?
I'm just asking, I mean I just -
I just can't understand
I mean, maybe I'm tripping
Okay, maybe I'm tripping
And then maybe I'm wrong
Maybe I thought too much while I was gone
Or maybe I knew how'd it go all along
And maybe I found what I needed in people around me who'd only be 'round for forever
Maybe we put all the throw away tracks on this tape and just saved all the good ones for BETTER
Maybe we studied the game to the letter
Maybe it never mattered
All this time we was moving backwards
Trust in God and just let it happen
Now we have it
Now we dabbin'
Now we lavish
Now we laughing all the way to the bank
50 taught my generation how to stunt
Most these niggas never touched the rim and think I'm finna let 'em teach me how to dunk
I did a lot but I ain't did enough
So I put it all on the line
And we gon be kicking this shit 'cross the world
From me and my brothers to you in the skies
4 you and yours
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