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Micheal Jordan Lyrics

Deante' Hitchcock – Micheal Jordan Lyrics

OK, I got them threes on cause I'm balling
Team on and we scoring, we doing numbers like 'round the world
Better get your girl cause shes calling
Got them screens up but they falling
3's on I'm Chris Paul-ing
But I'm riding around bumping two chains, in my flu game's I'm Mike Jordan
Threes on I'm Mike Jordan, six rings I'm Mike Jordan
Tongue out I'm Mike Jordan, bitch I'm ball I'm Mike Jordan
Half court I'm Mike Jordan, hang time I'm Mike Jordan
I cross over then pull up, when it's game time I'm Mike Jordan

[Verse 1]
See nobody off in my lane, niggas salting my game
I paved the way, niggas tagged along making progress off of my name
I ain't tripping dog I'm that flame, came in alone to stack change
I'm Micheal Jordan y'all niggas' garbage I ball fuck is y'all saying
Game 6 flow I ain't playing, base line and I'm spraying
I'm balling out you niggas calling fouls 'cuz I'm on now I'm too flagrant
You on the bench and I'm balling, flipping shit and I'm charging
I'm riding around bumping two chains my flu game is Mike Jordan


[Verse 2:]
Six rings I'm like Jordan, Lebron eights when I'm soaring
I cause a scene in my ACG's it's going down when I walk in
My closet dumb is retarded, got all the campus girls talking
I hit it once then I'm out the door, I hit the road like I'm touring
I'm polo down like I'm Carlton, Chitown on my snapback I hit the mall and I'm balling
A fresh pair in my back pack, them foamposites them airmax
Them half cents in my closet, I think I'm like Jordan
If you're trying to get 'em I got 'em

[Hook x2]
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