Last year I drank a lot, I drank 'til I fell down.
Last year I smoked a lot 'til my lungs turned brown.
Last year I crawled in circles, this year I'm climbing up the clouds.

But I don't know where I went wrong.
I was lost & now I'm found but now you're gone.

'Cause I'm not a Saint but I can paint myself into a better picture.
One day you'll see me in a big golden frame & it'll hit ya.

Last year I promised myself I'd stop writing songs about girls but you're a woman.
Last year I let you down & I know I should've been around instead of drinking in town.
Last year I was a little boy, now I feel like a young man with so many plans.

Let's call it even, we've got something to believe in & you know this.
You know this is true, I'm talking to you, so don't cut me out.
I know you've got doubts but don't be too hasty & waste me like I wasted myself.
I'm sorry for last year.

I understand you & I read you like a book & I know why you think that you've got to do this.
You think these are all just empty words made pretty with my guitar thinking that there's no way that I could ever prove this.
You're holding on to the past but it won't last because I know that I can make you laugh & smile.
And I know that I could make all this pain worthwhile.
We'll take it slow but if you want to move fast I'm at your pace.
And I know this sounds crazy but you know you amaze me, I'll never be lazy unless it's to be lazy with you.

I guess I'll see you around.
You don't know how much I'm gonna prove myself to you, with or without.
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Last Year Lyrics

Dave McPherson – Last Year Lyrics