I wish you the best of luck, you've got so much going for you.
Yeah it's true that we've had our ups & downs but it is nice to leave a happy farewell from both of us.
You've influenced me in so many ways some good some bad, some things are sad but I suppose this is meant to be.
Independently we walk away from each other for the very last time.

I hope you don't regret this like I do, hummingbird.
No-one can control the uncontrollable hummingbird.

I hope he makes you happy, I hope he takes care of you, I hope you hope you have not made a big mistake 'cause you know that I own one of the biggest mistakes of all.
Time takes all away, ticking away all the pain that we made for ourselves in the name of love & loss.
At what cost did we prove that we truly care?

You were all I wanted but I'm unwanted, hummingbird.
I thought that you were all I needed but doubt succeeded, hummingbird.

This is the end of the end my hummingbird...
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Hummingbird Lyrics

Dave McPherson – Hummingbird Lyrics