He cloaks his tears, disguises his fears.
The man he was has disappeared.
He sleeps alone, his restless mind is overgrown.
Some used to call him father.

Seven years since he held his son.
Time is the cruelest thing.

But his ex-wife has found a new life.
Now he drinks away his future longing for a broken past.
And he knows the only one to blame is him.

We say too much, we don't listen.
Is this all we are?
We drink too much, we don't do enough until it's too late.

She is too polite, and out of spite they walk all over her.
She prays all night, her hands pressed so tight.
Comfort in a blind faith.

Five years since anyone touched her.
Touched her with her consent.

She's too scared to live her life.
She's too scared to make mistakes and new regrets so she just hides.
But she knows the only one she's hiding from is her.

We live a lie then we wonder why?
Is this all we are?
We hurt those we love 'til they've had enough & then it's too late.

Is this all we are?
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Is This All We Are? Lyrics

Dave McPherson – Is This All We Are? Lyrics