V. 1
Thought I'd made a clean break from her
And all the past was through
I thought the nights of hurt were numbered
I never counted on you

You were waiting to attack me
Just when the day went dark
Throwing my fool words back at me
Ain't you got no heart

Ch. 1
Lie, memory, lie
Don't paint a picture that'll make me cry
Don't remind me of the things I say
Whose side are you on, anyway
Memory, when you talk of love
Tell me what I want, not the way it was
Dress it up so it suits my pride
Lie, memory, lie

V. 2
Told her she was getting too near me
I needed room from her
Now I see it all too clearly
She was more than I deserved

Amnesia wouldn't be so brutal
As this total recall
If you can't say something untruthful
Memory, don't you talk at all
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Lie, Memory, Lie Lyrics

Dallas Wayne – Lie, Memory, Lie Lyrics