V. 1
I think today's gonna be the day, all my luck's gonna turn
I think the boss'll take what I'm worth, and turn it into what I earn
I'm thinkin' if I keep my chin held high, I can stop my hopes from sinkin'
That's the one thing gets a poor boy by: big thinkin'

V. 2
Friday night when the city lights call, the devil inside me responds
In the back of my mind I see it all, the bourbon and the red-hot blondes
And a man on his doorstep showin' no signs, of a long hard night of drinkin'
I think I'm gonna fool her every time: big thinkin'

Ch. 1
Galileo had quite an I. Q., he got to thinkin' and the world moved
I wish he could step into my shoes and look at what thoughts won't do

One day I think I'm gonna ride behind the wheel of a long black lincoln
And I won't be in a box of pine: big thinkin'

V. 3
Well, it might look like I'm killin' time, layin' on the couch all day
But I'm busy hatchin' my next big move, not wastin' my life away
If the fat cats knew what I could do, what big checks they'd be inkin'
But you can't pay bills when your only skill's: big thinkin'

Ch. 2
Columbus thought 'til he turned blue,
And suddenly the map looked brand new
But take out the money and the musclebound crew,
And look at what thoughts won't do
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Big Thinkin' Lyrics

Dallas Wayne – Big Thinkin' Lyrics

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