V. 1
Our eyes met and I didn't turn sick in the dance hall
We took to lovin' and the world didn't end in a fireball
As the years went past, my mind never snapped,
Though it stretched a lot
Now I'm a gettin' out with whatever little good I've got

V. 2
'Cause you left somethin' on me, you might call an imprint
I never realized just how much my own neck meant
Guess a man gets morbid when there's pots in orbit and knives aloft
Better cut my losses, before something else gets cut off

Yeah, we never killed each other - but didn't we try
Never did much harm, though we never let a chance go by
You can keep the love, I'm lucky just to be alive
We never killed each other, but didn't we try

V. 3
Well, nothin' says love like an eight ounce glove, you used to tell me
But a second honeymoon in the emergency room ain't healthy
Though I shot the breeze with some cute md's and a nurse or two
I was always too beat-up to ever even cheat on you

V. 4
Now, I'm no saint with a spotless record, that's certain
And if you add it all up, we both had a share in the hurtin'
We could check out soon, or we could lick our wounds
And just walk away
Lay down our arms, and live to love another day
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We Never Killed Each Other / But Didn't We Try? Lyrics

Dallas Wayne – We Never Killed Each Other / But Didn't We Try? Lyrics