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Let Love Die Lyrics

Curtismith – Let Love Die Lyrics

[Verse 1: Curtismith]
It's the truest that I never wanna die
If I do this I'ma take it to some heights I
Feel a purpose
Bigger than just the money
I'm planning to make it big
While laughing I find it funny that
I'm tryna make a change
'cause all they want is money but all they get is a chain
You don't really know me we ain't on the same page
But I'm tryna teach a lesson while I'm rapping on the stage
So I practice like a slave
Then they tell me rap is just a hobby
Choose a better path son I'm sorry
You don't know my past and you're judging
A fact so I'm running
Fast 'til at last I'm a Branson incoming
Get it?
And I'm coming for it all
Training to the top cause im tired of the fall
Never gonna stop til I'm higher than the boss cause I see a lot of issues that money cannot resolve
So I'm looking for an answer
And I'm looking for the truth
And I'm looking for the factors to keep up with my passion baby I need you
Said baby I need you
We doing what we do
Baby I hear you singing my sweet tunes and lady I feel you

[Break: Curtismith]
Cause I remember like, back when all I really wanted in this world was money, and I told that to my titos and titas and they told me I had to find my passion, but when I finally did, they tell me, "Don't do that, that don't make you any money"

[Verse 2: Curtismith]
See, they don't know the way I flow inside the booth
I resonate the water when your daughter is inside the room
We float across the ocean 'til we make a tune
Riding through the waves as we gaze up into the moon
Baby can you stay? I ain't through with you
Talking bout my pain going away I look at you
And feel all of the stars
Girl you got me floating past Jupiter and Mars
I'ma keep flowing til I make it to your heart
Cause this the type of love even death can't break apart
You're a work of art-let me be Picasso
Blowing me away like the city of Chicago, I'll go
Wherever you need me to
And I promise baby I'm never leaving you
Girl all I see is you
And fuck the haters baby I believe in you
So just follow all your dreams like i need you too
I'll be with you
I see the truth
And its in your eyes
You can do your thing but never let love die

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