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Curtismith – LOOKIN UP Lyrics

What is all this rhyming?
Why do people always try defining the history of the world with all this science
While there’s people dying
The global industry of buying is teaching us to praise all of the tyrants

So I be defying, class and smash the glass with chatter
A Hip Hop fiend with big dreams to be a master of his craft
And so I had to get past the superficial images and judgment from the masses
I be the bastard
Scheming on the plastics, feeling out ya energy, lyrically I’m the baddest
Kill a beat with the rapping
Spitting with soliloquies really feel an attraction
With Jasmine I be Aladdin, lets make it happen
No acting, cameras, lights, only the action, a tandem
Bonnie and Clyde
Don’t need the flashing
I’m asking, could you be mine? Now I’m just yappin
A school boy crush, who doesn’t have it

I'm an idealist who knows that love is tragic
I’ve seen it first hand, just ask my daddy
Meet him in the skies, chilling with Pac, Biggie and Mic Jackson

Now love can be a terrible thing
You can ask my ex girl what she thinks
And I heard that this karma’s a bitch
And I would always fuck the world as a kid

Now that’s just how it goes
Making my mistakes has taught me everything I know
And it shows why I'm capable of bringing you this flow, with honesty
I solemnly will swear upon an oath
Yet they
Judging me with no law degree
Crictics with no credentials are always bothering
Hoping I don’t prosper in my dedication
The worlds a maze but I’m amazing fuck ya hating I be with or without you in celebration

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