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Hornz Lyrics

Curtismith – Hornz Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Before you think I lost it
Was trying to make some hits that ladies could get lost in
So proceed with caution, I’m crossing over these borders
Of the (?) and (?) corporate
I’ve started sweet talking to these boss, man
Trying to grow up you can hear it through my conversation
You know my actions have integrity, it’s confirmation
I’m getting caught in places demons trying to get me
But I’m dreaming for an occupation, sleeping less is consequently
All these cops are deadly, runnin’ with the president
Shooting ‘em left and right they’re makin’ up the evidence
(?) just smoking sentiment
Media make embellishments
Me, I just feel the need to write lyrics to fill up my head
(?) medicine
Had a bit of eloquence
Keep feeding me beats, I be breathin’ like a barbarian
Surround me with shenanigans, yeah


[Verse 2]
Now if we never met, I go by Curtismith and Wesson
Training to the top, I try to tell them I’m the next one
Reaching for the stars, George Jetson
Haters talkin’ smack from the back, I just hope that God bless ‘em
Snacking on the beat like it’s lunchtime
I’m just trying to eat, but don’t worry ‘cause I got minds
I drop lines like cocaine with propane
Smoke flames harder than the raps in a dope game
Let’s just go for broke if there’s no change
Feelin’ fully focused (?)
A slow bang is what it feels like training
When I reap rewards, I’ma stop complaining
In a (?)
Motherfuckers that I grind with
Do what Universal said, I wasn’t signed in
This is more than just rhyming
I’m Joe Stalin, and in your mainframe
I’m the kind of kid, who we’d love or hate to read about
Killin’ it with the lyrical rhythm to rock beats
So if we never met, I go by Curtismith get it in your head
And if we never met, I go by, I go by Curtismith get it in your head
What’s up


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