There is a land very deep in my mind
Where I am the bound, enter darkness!
Nothingness surrounds me with freezing desire
Desire I've never known before...

Like phoenix you'll be reborn and change your destiny
"You're man, you're strong"- someone says to me

But where I live your beginning is my end
Waterfalls of darkness give me a hand
Come with me, feel desire of acclamation
-What's the aim in my life?
-I don't know, I must die

Stars shine very high, very deep in the sky
Now they are unseen, clouds make them die
Things from the past as far as the stars
Now covered with clouds, burning, in fire!

Waterfalls... - of water, element of life
Waterfalls of darkness... - the place I will die
The swamp of my life, vermin my throne
Answering the question: "Why?"-
-Never had gone
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Waterfalls Of Darkness Lyrics

Crionics – Waterfalls Of Darkness Lyrics