Rye'eh'x'Dyh gives clearance to land
Lower the range of operation
Of the control mechanisms

Transgalactic transmission
Initiation of contact or a warning?
"World in arms" is just a moment
A desperate attempt of self-defence
Welcome slaves!

Pitch time phantom system
Is still but a bliss
Too late to change your fate
Manking will never be the same again
... Never

Hatred, ignorance and vanity
Is what feeds your destruction
We come at will not to punish or destroy
Weak become slaves or fall pray

When a man turns against his brother
Allowing hatred to distort the sight
Let us watch them turn into cripples
Before our eyes

When a man turns against his allies
And out of pride he cuts off his limbs
There is already more of a doomsday
Than it seems
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Arrival 2033 Lyrics

Crionics – Arrival 2033 Lyrics