X'no-D'aah, the tests showed high radiation
Physical inability to work
Low self-esteem and god complex
Likelihood of demise: 97, 8%

X'no-H'mm, activate sanctuary projection
Unit to be carbonized and sent
Via humanmeat terminal
Destination: outer empire

Hope lets your live through
To live like a human being

You're prone to manipulation
You've been told what to do
Your genome suits our purposes perfectly
You're a horde of ants

Depraved of consciousness
We impose ourselves on you
We'll take your flesh and transform you
Into even more obedient dogs

Drifting unknowingly towards the new
Sweet dreams cloud your mind
You'll be rewarded... Just like animals
For a little entertainment
The sanctuary awaits humanmeat cargo
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Humanmeat Cargo Lyrics

Crionics – Humanmeat Cargo Lyrics