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Craig Xen – UNTAMED Lyrics

Oh my god bro
Ayy wassup, ayy wassup
Schema Craig-mothafucking-X
Bitch I'm off the chain
Bitch I'm off the chain
Bitch I'm off the chain

[Verse 1]
Bitch I'm off the chain, call me Young Xen-Django
Get up off my nuts, let 'em breathe, let 'em hang hoe
I was broke as fuck, plottin' on another bankroll
Now they booked me for a tour and everything paid fo'
Pull up wit' the team that's Schema
We the legends in the league
No R.I.P. Cheeto
Fi-fi-fo-fum, bitch I know you see us
Better get to running fo' we come and Mill Meek y'all
Leave ya leaking on the asphalt
Ask bout three headed pit Craig Xen, the Attack Dog
Niggas play my track like
"Damn that nigga spazzed out
How the fuck that nigga stay like that? Man he on bath salts?"
Hell nah
Bitch I'm on that burn the whole world shit
I'm living in hell and I want the whole world with me
Won't you come and burn with me?
I want you to burn with me
The sight of a weak fucking [?] fucking [?]

Oh my fucking god
The sight of a weak fucking [?]

[Verse 2]
Boy, you fucking with the sinister
Xen, the administer of the sicked wicked deep web dark regiment
Many men plot but they yet to come and breach this
White hot lights, Xen's spiritual defenseless
Niggas senseless, please come and tempt this
Attempt that I proceed to raise the [?] that you envy
Bitch you [?] that any given instance
I could make a phone call and have yo' home lit like Christmas
On yo bitches wish-list, my dick in the gift box
But yo broke ass can't afford Craig Xen, ha
Better get yo bread up, let her take that pounding
Astounding the way i make her squirt like a fountain
If you got a problem you can try and reach us at
Prolly won't pick up, I'ma be too busy beating yo bitch from the back
Leave a message at the beepa


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