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Craig Xen – BEHEMOTH Lyrics


[Verse 1: Craig Xen]
Schema the posse I [?] into the coast
Snipe with precision
We slice for the throat
Underground overlords and we're taking the crown and stand up to the dictators holding the ground
Into the cauldron they go if they get too [?]
Coldest ones that we be up in the power
We know that you know that we know you a coward
Witness the genocide
Witness the riddance of pussy ass niggas who stalk on the internet
Talking like they about something
We know that you bluffing
You're nothing to us
Niggas be something engraved in your mind
Never stop busting
We pimping and grind
Patiently waiting
We came and we takin' with no opposition on top of the underground

Schema that clique
K-R-double E-P
Craig Xen
In the bitch
Running that lick
Go to Sleep in a ditch
Schema that clique
K-R-double E-P
Craig Xen
Make you wanna bite your fucking teeth to the motherfucking curb
Put an end to this shit, bitch

[?] saying my name
I never really wanna hear another talk about xans and how your pop and your momma would be getting no ends
[?] but you hiding behind a screen
Under the cover [?]
Bitch I'm the GHOSTE
But K-R-double E-P more dangerous than an overdose
So what happened to all the shit you was talking about you be shooting [?]
So what happened to all the shit you was talking about you be getting a suck from these chicks
And now keep that in mind that the hoes you be talking about in my inbox is that you a bitch
Schema the posse igniting your city and burning that shit till it's nothing but ashes

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