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Craig Xen – MUTHAFUCK SOBER Lyrics

[Verse 1: CRAIG XEN]
Ima light a crack rock up in the back of the club
My Glock tucked
If a nigga wanna trip then the hollow tips, slugs, pump
Fuck a chump, I'm bagging that body for lunch
Fuck sippin' bacardi and rum, I like my fluids in [?]
GHB, PCP, LSD, I need that
Fuck your lean, fuck your weed, don't want no leaf
I need crack, rocks, crushed up, stuffed in that glass pipe
'Till my black lungs bust and my eyes shut

[Verse 2: CRAIG XEN]
I just lit a crack rock up in the back of the club
I spot a slut
Lil' chicken head bitch lookin' like she wanna get plugged
Ima fuck, bust a nut in her asshole
Make her shit it out, lick it up, gargle it around her mouth and then swallow it down
Hell yeah I'm hell bound, three-headed hell hound
Tryna drag everybody down with him
Can't you tell by the way that I sound that there's a sorbin soul
And its lyrically gifted, aye
Hell yeah Xen, raise hell nigga
Get your pad, grip the pen, then go get 'em
Got a crib where you've done all the drugs you want equipped with unlimited bitches

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