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Success In One Song Lyrics

Craig Xen – Success In One Song Lyrics

Aye, look
And in my 23 years I made it farther than they thought that I would
I say, "them" cause to them I had something to prove
But to me, I was just sharing my thoughts
I never shot for the stars, I just poured out my heart
(look) so now I'm stuck in this predicament, and everywhere I go they wanna take a picture with me
And it's crazy, they hated me and called me lame
Now the same ones who said that, saying congratulations

I ain't move
I never set out to do this, or made music to seek anyone's approval
I did this, and still do it for the same reason to help the corrupted youth going through bullshit
And if you can't feel me, then we cool with it
Cause ain't nobody begging you to come and fuck with us
Matter fact, we do better off alone in the comfort of our world with headphones on
See, I believe I wasn't built for this world
I said that cause everywhere I went I never seem to fit in
Wanted me to sit in class or work a dead-end
And that ain't set in well I had to go and get it
And by gettin' it, I mean I had to go and do the
Exact same thing they told me not to
They told me to follow rules and be responsible
I looked at each and every one of them as obstacles
Now it's obvious, my audience contain the same people sayin' that I wouldn't never gone amount to shit
As a matter of fact, we both right
Cause I still ain't shit but I'm inspiration to somebody
So yeah, you can sit around and cry about it
But when somebody ask about me you can't lie about me
You gotta tell 'em that I made it where I got today and that's a lot further than you could ever dream of
I need love, (bitch) I'm a human being too
You might as well love me because the hate is fuel
And you don't wanna keep fueling, this feeling that I get when somebody tells me I can't do somethin'

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