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Voltage Lyrics

Craig Xen – Voltage Lyrics

Yeah, bitch
We know you a bitch (Hahaha)
We know you a (Drr)
We know you a bitch (Aye aye aye)
Aye, aye, aye, aye, it's fuck-all but (Aye)

Bitch, it's fuck-all but six, they gon' carry Xen casket
Catch me in that bitch with my brothers, we can have it (Aye)
Heard you claiming savage, we know you a bitch (What, aye)
Real deal killers never post Twitter pics, aye
Curb stomp a pussy-boy with his gums bumping (Yeah)
Should've never pulled up to our motherfucking function (Yeah)
Internet thug niggas need to bow down
Underground overlord posted with the crown
Y'all niggas despicable, same with y'all opinions
We know that you pissed 'cause we came and left a imprint
Jealousy and envy, both bitch traits
Niggas love talking shit through the 'net, bitch
Say it to my motherfucking face if you really want that issue
Lift it off our hip, grip it, then rip through your tissue
Bitch, don't make me scorch you, Xen, I'm the enforcer
I'ma come and swing and leave him leaking 'fore I forfeit
Pussy boy don't want war with the fucking warlords
I'll send a horde to your motherfucking front door
Catch me in your city turning venues into ashes
Ain't nothing pretentious about Xen The Commander

(Nigga) Laughing, lit

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