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Summer Vacations Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Summer Vacations Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mikey Rocks]
I got my suitcase packed
I'm going on a trip
My girl calling my phone, keep blowing up my hip
So I took it out my pocket
Flicked the blunt ash into the cup that I had from when I went to Johnny Rocket's
Looked at the number, slid my thumb across the screen
Jeeps ride in the summer
Any other time other than the summer if we ride, we just might freeze
Hoes looking for them niggas in the fresh white tees
The light poles got cameras
There you go, say "cheese"
On the phone with the locksmith, he got me on hold
I was on my way home then I lost my keys
Drinking Carlo Rossi with my west coast posse
Like, let's go, let's go, let's go blocking
Everything green like Ted DiBaise
My little homie only want a TV and a car seat
So I said I got him, cause I'm knowing that he got me

[Verse 2: Chuck Inglish]
We so far gone that's word to my man Drizz
Can't be afraid of heights up where we sit
What I write here at two twenty four a.m
Is what I pray to the man up above so sin
This one is dedicated to all those who saw those
Moments small though and looked right through 'em
I feel your pain dog, it be like that
Like, "I had it in my hands, how I'm gon' drop that?"
That's a large ship to sail, yeah
Not learning shit but how not to fail, excel
That's meaning we don't play
Do it like the check swoosh sweatshirt say
For my folks lost they job in the past few months
Keep your head up if I could I'd split up this swish
Love it cause I passed that that we get through this
Man, and that's figuratively speaking
I'mma stay home and watch the playoffs this weekend
Then I'm gon' sneak in a jog to the beach and
Then walk the dog, I just bought this chrome leash
Out the screen door, two fingers and I peace

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