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Boomin' Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Boomin' Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chuck Inglish]

I'm on them whole new things
That old new Range
[?] with that
I get the spokes no blaze
White walls, no stains
Like I said last time and I'm serious still
Fold it all with no change
Been supposed to do things
Did that cuz your boyfriend dressing like we did, baby
Throw your hands in the air
And if it's going down I'm in there like swimwear
And if you standing round you should sit down here
And only real deal Holyfields get down here
Man they pulling all the [?] to hear round here
Juke joints jumper so your hair ran tight
It's one of them live nights
Night time right right
Slow at the stoplight stop right there
Touch my number when you here
Imma run upstairs

[Hook: Tennille]
They all say it's boomin' over here
Play me a song all my girls want to hear

[Verse 2: Mikey Rocks]
Now before I get going, let me give you the instruction
Get your back going, let it go with the percussion
Once you get that down pat, you good with me dude
Tryna move fast don't pass your people
You be tryna win dough like the glass you see through
You should spend slow make it last a lease, a lil minute
If this is the house then we in it
The landlord even tryna kick it with the tenants
So, come through, wreck it, and pass inspection
Then you get to kick it with a bad selection
The chicks like I do or that's my perception
I only make mistakes I don't mind correcting
It's that riff-raff midwest connection
You know the young live listening at the barge
GMC Typhoon pulling in the garage
Un-click my seatbelt step into the party

[Hook x2]

[Outro: Mikey Rocks]

Yeah, this is one of them smooth joints
By the coolest dudes from the midwest
You know rocking with uh smooth jazz, 4187
On this beautiful Chicago afternoon, ya dig
It's 45 degrees, the time is 6:45
All the players riding in them quarter to eights
With them sixes, M3s, and all them smooth things ya know uh
All the ladies out there getting their hair and nails did
Getting ready to hit the club tonight
Save one dance for me baby

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