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Dreamin' Lyrics

The Cool Kids – Dreamin' Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mikey Rocks]
I was asleep in the clouds before I fell to the ground
But on the way down it was takin a while
Then I seen this door
It was cracked so I opened it more and more
Then I walked inside of it
I heard it shut followed by a lock
Now I'm locked in a box
And I'm tryna get out
So door man door man where art thou?
I'm like "Doorman, doorman, let me out
Doorman, doorman, I don't know how
If you don't open this door, I'm kickin it down,"
Seen the glimmer of his key that was attached to a ring
On his head was a hat that was actually green
Actually green?
I say that because this actually a dream
Not really but it seems to be
So I describe the scene, Yo
But anyway the door man let me out of the box
I ran and shook his hand right before I bounced
And then I look again
And I notice that I stand alone
Door man disappeared like a phantom, gone
So I'm runnin again
I don't know what I'm chasing but I'm running again
Got to pick up my pace if I'm ever gonna make it to her in time
So I guess that's what I'm chasing

[Hook X2]
I think you're dreamin'
Just keep runnin'
Don't you let me go again

[Verse 2: Mikey Rocks]
Now I'm moving through the galaxy
Anything's possible when spaceships follow me
And the clock's tickin' so I ain't really got much time
To keep thinking where she could be
Then he approached me
The Doorman again, he held out his hand
So I grabbed it and walked with him the distance
He showed me old pictures of things I was missing
Things I took for-granted back when I had them
Ex-girlfriend I don't remember what happened
Love of my life one second and then vanished
Then it all started to make sense
I had to backtrack for a second and think
"What do these things have pertaining to me?"
And with that in mind I developed the link
The clouds I fell from, the box I was trapped in
It turns out it was really a casket
The girl I was chasing was the girl I was last with
In the car right before we crashed it
Prom night, '06, everything had gone right
Before a drunk driver hit us from the blind side
Next thing I knew everything had turned white
I can't see
I try to open my eyes but my vision is mad blurry
I'm laying on the stretcher and I see her next to me
I grab her hand to tell her to please forgive me
I look her in the eyes
Tears lie on her cheek
As we lay there silent she speaks
"We can be together if you follow me..."

[Hook X2]

You were all mine, for all time, yesterday
So nice to meet you, and greet you on your way...

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